Brussels Metro North

  • In progress
  • Beliris - Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport - Transport Infrastructure Management
  • SM Grontmij-TPF Engineering et SM Van Van Campenhout- AREP-Amberg Engineering
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Extension of the Brussels metro line 3 to the north of the capital 

The new line is planned for an automatic metro which will be able to transport more than 60,000 passengers each year.

  • In phase 1, the current tunnel located between Gare du Nord and Albert will be transformed to accommodate the metro.
  • In phase 2, a new 4.5 km structure will be built to connect Bordet to Gare du Nord.

To create the junction between these 2 tunnels, a structure of approximately 150m is built under the tracks of the Gare du Nord train station. The junction tunnel will initially serve as a rear station. It will allow metro 3 to return in the opposite direction towards Albert station. The continuity of metro 3 traffic will be ensured on the entire line.

The second phase also provides for the creation of 7 stations (Liedts, Colignon, Verboekhoeven, Riga, Tilleul, Paix and Bordet) and a depot in Haren for the storage and maintenance of metros.

Our mission(s)

Comprehensive civil engineering assignment (component of the project dedicated to the metro stations)