Saudi Arabia
Ar Rayyis

Yanbu-4 independent water producer (IWP) plant

Saudi Arabia
Ar Rayyis
  • In progress
Sustainable development goals
Clean Water and Sanitation Sustainable Cities and Communities

The Yanbu-4 IWP project is a 450,000 m³/day seawater desalination plant

It is located near the town of Ar Rayyis, on the Red Sea coast and will use a reverse osmosis process and technology to supply potable water to the cities of Makkah and Medina

Work under the project consists of:

  • analyzing background information (marine climate, bathymetric and geotechnical marine survey data, sea-bed data, etc.),
  • conducting preliminary metocean studies and a study to determine the best technical solution for the plant (seawater intake and brine outfall location, diffuser type, seawater pumping, etc), including far-field dilution modelling using TELEMAC-3D,
  • designing intake towers and pipes, anchors, ditches and ballast,
  • making calculations (pipes, flotation and stability, seawater pumping and discharge chambers) and preparing the Bill of Quantities related to marine works. 

Our mission(s)

Technical support in the preparation of the contractor’s proposal for the project, in accordance with the technical requirements set forth in the RFP