Arges County

Regional Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Development Project in Arges County, 2014 – 2020

Arges County
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Sustainable development goals
Clean Water and Sanitation Sustainable Cities and Communities

The investment program aims to upgrade and expand water supply and wastewater treatment services in several agglomerations in the Arges county, in both rural and urban areas 

The objectives are clear:

  • provide access to water and  sewage services at affordable rates,
  • improve drinking water quality,
  • improve water quality in streams and rivers,
  • improve the sludge management (sludge generated from  water purification and treatment process),
  • create  innovative and efficient water management structures,
  • align the Romanian legislation with EU standards regarding the safe disposal of sludge.

The investment programme will finance:

  • the expansion of the water supply network by 71 km,
  • the rehabilitation of 58 km of the water supply network,
  • the rehabilitation of 9 drinking water storage tanks in Pitesti Municipality,
  • the 254 km extension of the sewage network,
  • the rehabilitation of 38 km of the sewage network,
  • the rehabilitation/expansion/modernization of 4 sewage treatment plants and 2 new sewage treatment plants, including equipment for removing the sludge from them,
  • the realization of 4 new boreholes and 1 rehabilitated borehole.

Our mission(s)

Technical assistance for the preparation of the funding application