Nazacara - Hito IV road

  • In progress
  • Bolivian Road Administration (ABC)

Construction of Section III, a 50.3-km long stretch with two lanes between Santiago de Machaca and Hito IV  

The contract period is 48 months and covers the review of the detailed design, the construction supervision, and the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure.

The Nazacara - Hito IV section is part of the Viacha - Hito IV road in the Department of La Paz and has an approximate length of 110 km. The topography along the route is predominantly flat with some hilly sections.

The new infrastructure links the southwest of La Paz with the Peruvian border and the port of Ilo.

This road will allow for the integration of the municipalities it traverses, thus enhancing commercial, social and cultural activity, as well as economic growth

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 Technical and environmental supervision services