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Anderlecht (Brussels)

Erasmus Gardens

Anderlecht (Brussels)
  • In progress
Years and Phases
  • Building B2 : 2020
    Buildings C2 and G: 2021
    Buildings I and F2: in progress
  • SPI sa (Buildings B2, I and F2) - Fonds du Logement bruxellois (Buildings C2 and G)
  • BPI sa, A2RC Architects and JNC International (Buildings B2, I and F2) - ADE Architects and JV In Advance – Jacques Delens (Buildings C2 and G)
Sustainable development goals
Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainable real estate project, close to Erasme University Hospital    


TPF is involved in the construction of this new eco-district designed to accomodate around 3,000 people and in particular in the construction of five apartment buildings:   

  • Building B2 consisting of 60 apartments and 48 parking spaces (a six-storey building with 2 basement levels below),
  • Building I consisting of 90 apartments and 72 parking spaces (a 5-storey building with one basement level) 
  • Building C2 (Iris-Perce Neige) consisting of 22 apartments,
  • Building G (Iris-Perce Neige) consisting of 42 apartments,
  • Building F2 consisting of 130 apartments                                                                                                                       ​​​​​​ 

The project has been named the ‘Best Sustainable Real Estate Project in Belgium’ by the British professional magazine Build. 

Our mission(s)

  • Structural engineering
  • Technical building services
  • EPB mission