Santiago de Chile

El Salvador Hospital

  • 2019
Santiago de Chile
  • Realised
  • Assignia Infraestructuras – Gia Joint Venture
Sustainable development goals
Good Health and Well-being

Construction of a new public hospital with a capacity of 641 beds

The complex is divided into 3 main functional areas:

  • the El Salvador Hospital including areas for the hospitalizations and intensive care units, the surgery pavilions and the emergency unit,
  • the General Polyclinic Module including outpatients consultations, procedures, physical medicine, medical imaging services and the mental health unit,
  • the National Institute of Geriatrics with its own area of hospitalizations, consultations and physical medicine

The new site covers a total area of about 170,000 m² and will benefit a population of approximately  500,0000 people. 

Diverse strategies have been adopted for the design of the hospital facilities in order to reduce seismic vulnerability.




Our mission(s)

  • Preliminary and detailed design
  • Study of the structural seismic isolation system
  • Construction supervision