Gravity dam at Mequinenza

Dam and Reservoir Safety

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  • Endesa Generación (Enel group)

Ensuring the security of dams cannot be improvised

The new Spanish Technical Regulation on safety of dams and reservoirs sets out obligations which owners and operators are bound to respect throughout the infrastructure life cycle. This new regulation is intended to promote and encourage monitoring of dam safety through inspections and technical assessments.

TPF has acquired an extensive experience in preparing dam safety documents and procedures (operating rules, emergency action plans, inspection reports, behaviour reports, etc.)

In recent years, from 2018 to 2021, we have carried out several dam safety inspections and assessments for the company Endesa Generación (Enel group). Some of them deserve to be metionned such as the stunning arch dam at Canelles (the third highest in Spain, with a height of 151 m), the arch dam at Susqueda (135 m high) or the gravity dam (79 m high, with a rated power output of 324 mW) at Mequinenza, on the middle reach of the Ebro River.

The company Endesa Generación has reaffirming its trust by asking us to conduct, in the coming years, from 2022 to 2024, general safety inspections of the existing dams .

Our mission(s)

Inspection and technical assistance for the operation, maintenance, security and safety of dams