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In Poland, the development of transport infrastructure is paving the way for new opportunities for TPF, as CEO Thomas Spitaels witnessed during his recent trip to the country

Upon his arrival in Warsaw on April 10th, he was warmly welcomed at the headquarters of TPF sp z.o.o. by CEO Grzegorz Placek. During his visit, he met with key managers and attended a presentation covering innovation, HR culture, CSR initiatives, and the company's commercial policy.

Accompanied by Grzegorz Placek, as well as Tomasz Domaradzki (Director of Infrastructure Department), Dariusz Leszczynski (Director of Architecture Department), and Wojciech Kijek (Head of Railway Design Department), Thomas Spitaels then embarked on a series of site visits in the region, including:

  • the construction of the S17 expressway between Zakret (including the interchange) and Lubelska (excluding the interchange)
  • the modernization of tracks, platforms, and rail infrastructure on the Działdowo-Olsztyn section of railway line 216
  • the construction of the new Olsztyn Główny station
  • the renovation of the National Bank of Poland in Warsaw
  • the development of a student residence in Warsaw on behalf of Xior 
  • the construction of a tunnel under the railway line in Sulejowek

These visits provided insights into concrete projects and opportunities to engage with the teams responsible for overseeing the work.

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