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The CEO of TPF SA, Thomas Spitaels, and his Brazilian counterpart, Ricardo Carvalho, have reaffirmed their commitment to the environment by planting a fruit tree in the industrial complex of the Port of Suape

This symbolic gesture adds to the 12 seedlings we have already planted.

The visit to the industrial complex of the Port of Suape, near Recife, was a enriching experience for Thomas Spitaels. TPF Engenharia is particularly active there. Our teams must ensure the proper functioning of electrical and mechanical equipment by providing technical support and assistance in planning maintenance operations.

Discussions with the field team have confirmed the need to implement new technologies. Their use is no longer an option.

For instance, the use of a mini-ROV, a remotely operated vehicle for underwater inspections, digital twins to monitor the state and efficiency of equipment, the Power BI application to monitor real-time data, and the Single Management Platform - Plug have now become part of their daily routine.

This moment of sharing marks the end of Thomas Spitaels and his daughter Aurore's journey in Brazil. A journey that began with visits to the offices in Sao Paulo and Recife, allowing for exchanges on various topics such as the engineering and consultancy market, future development prospects, corporate social responsibility policies, human resources, as well as marketing and communication activities.

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