The remaining 15% will be bought before 01/01/2017 so as to allow a merger with TPF Planege, TPF’s Portuguese subsidiary. The merged companies, with 400 employees and an annual turnover of 45 million euros, will then form the number one Portuguese engineering company.

Created in 1980, Cenor grew rapidly on the Portuguese market and then from 2005 set out to win foreign markets and is nowadays active, through its subsidiaries, in Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Algeria, Brazil, East Timor, Turkey and Macau, amongst others.

Cenor operates in transport infrastructures, the construction industry, energy, water and geological surveys with expert skills that will complement those of the TPF Group generally, and those of our company in Portugal in particular.

The executive team, who share the same business culture and values as those of the TPF Group, is committed to remaining with the company in order to continue its development.