TPF Algérie / Algeria


TPF Algérie is an Algerian company of engineering and architecture, created in 2008. The company offers its clients a range of services from Design, Planning, Base and Feasibility Studies, Consultancy and Technical Assistance to Management and Supervision of complex projects, in various sectors: transport, health, education, industry, tourism, environment, agriculture, energy, water and sanitation.

Its highly skilled technicians are involved in all the aspects related to engineering and design.

TPF Algérie works in synergy with the other subsidiaries of the Group, namely TPF Planege,resulting in a significant added value for our customers.


TPF Algérie    

Les Verges, Rue 05, n° 10
16320 Bir Mourad Rais – Alger

Tel +213 217 929 84

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