TPF-Setico Ingénierie / Africa

Established in 1988, TPF-SETICO Ingénierie is a leader in the field of engineering in Senegal. The company offers engineering services to assist its customers to program, design, implement, improve and rehabilitate construction and infrastructure works.

TPF-SETICO Ingénierie is ISO 9001 certified and is active in Senegal and in several African countries, including Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso and Chad. The company employs a permanent staff of 20 people including Engineers and Technicians (Hydraulics, Civil Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Hydrogeology). TPF-SETICO Ingénierie has the material and logistical resources enabling it to successfully carry out a wide range of tasks.



TPF-Setico Ingénierie 

Sacré Cœur III VDN Ext, N° 157 B-D
BP 2116 RP

Tel + 221 33 869 21 13
Fax +221 33 860 25 55


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