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PERU / Getinsa-Payma, S.L.

Pre-investment study for the design of the upgrading works of roads EMP. PE-1S and EMP. PE – 32C according to service levels >

BOLIVIA / Getinsa-Payma, S.L.

Preliminary study and technical, economic, social and environmental studies for the construction of Chulumani – Irupana – Sacambaya Road >

SPAIN / Getinsa-Payma, S.L.

Levante A-3 Highway, from km 70.700 to km 177.530 and Highway A-31 from km 0.000 to km 29.800. Section: Madrid – Albacete >

SPAIN / Getinsa-Payma, S.L.

Castilla La Mancha A-40 Highway. Connection of Highway A-5 to Highway A-3 and Cuenca. Section: Torrijos (East) – Toledo (Northwest) >