TTR energy is the Investment Manager of two funds raised in partnership with Bank Degroof dedicated to renewable energies.

The first of these funds, raised in 2008, amounted to 46 million euros, was fully invested and is currently being liquidated.

The second, also amounting to 46 million and raised in 2011, is almost fully invested but still has opportunities for investment available.

The assets in which TTR invested for these first two funds mainly consist of wind farms in France, a solar roof and wind farm in Belgium, as well as a biomass plant and two small hydro-electric power plants in Spain. As part of these investments, TTR usually develops the assets by supervising the conclusion of financing agreements and the purchase of equipment, as well as preparing and coordinating the construction sites.

TTR is just about to raise a third fund of the same type in cooperation with Bank Degroof.

Another project for raising a fund is currently being studied and will relate to French wind farm assets that have been built.