Project of Social Housing – City of Capari, situated at the North-east of Luanda, comprises the execution of 250 buildings for housing (11 blocks) with ground floor +1 for a total of 4.000 apartments, of T3-1 type (84,38m2) and T3-2 (82,37m2).

The ground area is of approximately 90,5 Ha and the construction area of 341.150 m2.
The project includes the execution of the following collective social equipment:

  • Primary school (gross construction area 3.444 m2);
  • Nursery (implantation area 5.153 m2);
  • Police station (implantation area 2.111 m2);
  • Club (implantation area 2.900 m2);
  • Clinic (implantation area 6.865 m2)
  • Supermarket (implantation area 414 m2)
  • Secondary school including playgrounds ( implantation area 22.330 m2)

The project includes also the construction of the infrastructures of the urbanization: road network (18,7km) including walks and signaling, water supply networks (22,2km of piping, excluding the internal networks of the buildings), drainage network of sewage and storm waters (22,9 km e 16,0 km of piping respectively) firefighting network, network of electrical energy distribution, telecommunications, public lighting and external arrangements.


SONIP – Sonangol Imobiliária e Propriedades, Lda

Project Dates