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GETINSA-PAYMA has grown into a leading business group in Spain and an international benchmark in the engineering sector of transportation infrastructures and the environment. The projects and studies required to develop public works and linear infrastructures are achieved thanks to our human and material resources.

We are experts on the comprehensive management of infrastructure in all its phases, starting from the preliminary design up to the operation and maintenance, including all the intermediary steps as profitability analysis, studies, projects, works control and supervision, as well as financial management.
These activities are developed both in Spain and abroad. Our international delegations have been established in different countries and our experience extends over 30 countries in Europe, Asia, America, Middle East and Africa. We are currently working international projects in 20 countries.
At present, the Getinsa-Payma employs more than 800 professionals, two thirds of whom are university graduates.

Getinsa-Payma, S.L

Ramón de Aguinaga, 8
28028 Madrid

Tel  +34 914 18 21 10
Fax +34 914 18 21 12


Avda. Cerdanyola, 92-94
08174 Sant Cugat del Vallés

Tel   +34 93 575 28 34
Fax  +34 93 564 89 00

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